A Brief Overview

So, it was the 27th of October, 2016. I was on the train, on the way home from school, or work, whatever you can call that place.
Bored, I took my iPhone 3GS out of my pocket and tapped on the Safari icon. I waited for it to load. It takes roughly 30 seconds just to load the app. Once I saw it loaded, I entered some URLs and browsed through different forums.
As I was on the forums, I noticed that many people had signatures that had what you can call "embed"s. Their steam profile, Minecraft achievements, pictures that led you to their YouTube channels, etc. And then, I noticed. No one, not even the people who had MAL accounts, had "embed"s that were linked to their MyAnimeList profile.

I decided at the second, to start a simple project to allow people to embed their MAL profile as a picture. I then started thinking; it would show the profile image, the list counts, the name.... Because it's an image, it can be posted anywhere on the internet....
I pressed my home button which was surprisingly still working, and opened the Notes app. I wanted to note down my ideas before I lost them. Just when I was about to type the first word, the train stopped, and I was pushed out onto the platform.

...and then it took some time for me to realize that I had missed the station, and that I had to take the opposite train back.

Anyway. I went home, opened up my code editor, and started working on my project. Originally, I planned to finish it in a few hours, because this was supposed to be just for my personal use. However, the more and more I developed, I really wanted to share it with the rest of the world. So I posted it on the MAL forums. And received some feedback. And because I wanted to make everyone happy, I wanted to fix the mistakes and bugs.

Then. My website went offline. I had forgotten to renew the domain. However, the domain that was once free was now not, and I didn't want to use up my pocket money. After more than half a year however, I couldn't wait any longer. I got a different domain, and relaunched the project. The project still hasn't finished, and is developing step by step.

I called the project MALembed, and here it is currently, hosted on a free server, but still available for everyone to use.

Customize your embed


Help with custom images? Click here.

Help with custom color? Click here.

Help with custom images? Click here.

Shadow Color : #
Shadow Blur : levels of depth

Explanation in detail

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The image is cached for 4 hours after a visit on the server. After those 240 minutes, the cache file is deleted, and so, the image will have to be re-generated. This also means that even if you update your list, the image will not change for another couple of hours.


Only HTTPS is supported, served by CloudFlare.

Type (embed_type)

This parameter is case-insensitive.

There are two types available. They are Anime and Manga. Anime was made back in October 2016, and Manga was added on the 4th of March, 2017, due to a request from @Half_Bl00d. They behave the same way, only display different information. You can use this by adding a parameter called "type" into the request, like the following:
FoxInFlame's Embed with Manga Type.
Mode (mode)

There are two modes available. Full and Minimum. Full is the original version (400x128px) and the Minimum is the compact version that came afterwards (256x40px).
The Full version is used by default, however, if you want to set it to Minimum mode, there are two ways to do this.

The first way is to use "min" in the URL, like so:
Parameters can be applied the same way as Full mode. It is case-insensitive.

The second way is to add a parameter by the name of "mode", like so:
This parameter only accepts the values full or min. It is case-insensitive.
FoxInFlame's Embed with Minimum mode and Noragami Character.

Characters (character)

This parameter is case-insensitive.

You can have a picture of an anime character at the corner of your MALembed. The available characters are as the following: You can also use your own character if you want. I don't know, maybe you want simpsons as a character, maybe you want the MAL logo to show people it's your anime profile. Whatever. To do this, follow these steps.

You can use these characters by appending a parameter at the end of your request. Let's say you want the Noragami characters. You would then use this URL for the image:
FoxInFlame's Embed with Noragami Character.


You can use some predefined fonts for your embed!

Title Font (title_font):

This parameter is case-insensitive.

This is the font that will be used for the title, which is your MyAnimeList name. If the given username is not valid, the image will show an error, and that error will also be made from this title font. Available fonts are listed below.
For example, if you wanted to set your title font to Lobster, this will be the URL:
FoxInFlame's Embed with title font Lobster.

Body Font (body_font):

This parameter is case-insensitive.

This is the font that will be used for the body, which contains your anime stats (watching, completed, etc). Available fonts are listed below.
For example, if you wanted to set your body font to MetalMacabre, this will be the URL:
FoxInFlame's Embed with body font Metal Macabre.

Available Fonts:


You can set custom backgrounds for your MALembed. There are two options, a solid color and an image.

Solid Colors (bg_color):

This parameter is case-insensitive.

You can use hex codes without the # character. They can be 3 or 6 in length. The default is set to 2e51a2 if you don't specify this paramter.
If you don't know the hex code for your favourite color, go here, select the color by dragging, and then copy the Hex code at the top (without the #).
You can use these custom color parameters by appending them after the request URL. If you want the background color to be red, you would you use this URL for the image:
FoxInFlame's Embed with K-On Character and #ff0000 background color.

Custom Image (bg_image):

This parameter is case-insensitive.

You can use custom images uploaded to Imgur as your background, or choose any of the default backgrounds. This paramter will override the color parameter if both are present.
Using pictures could also potentially slow down the loading time. This is because the script needs to call to that image and get the contents. It won't be that big of a problem if the internet is speedy, however, if you have a slow network, loading this picture could take some time (but still max 5 seconds or so).
  • default1: Click to view.
  • default2: Click to view.
  • default3: Click to view.
  • default4: Click to view.
  • Own Image: Click for details.
FoxInFlame's Embed with K-On! Character and default2 Background Image.


Sometimes, the background is too light, and the text cannot be seen. If you are in that situation, you can add shadows to your text!

Shadow Color (shadow):

This parameter is case-insensitive.

You can add shadows by adding the shadow parameter to your URL. If the parameter is set, it defaults to 2px shadow, however, if the parameter is not at all set, shadow will be off.
You can set the shadow parameter to something like 1 if you just want to enable black shadow, however, you are also free to assign a hex color code to the shadow parameter. This will make your shadows colored!

To enable shadows, you can simply use this URL for the image:

To enable shadows, and to set the color of the shadow:
FoxInFlame's Embed with default4 Background Image and a shadow color of b25400.
Shadow Amount

Case does not matter in this parameter.

Maybe you want more shadows? Come on... You know you want it more deep... The text, I mean.

You can shift your shadow by a few pixels as well, to create more depth. The shadow will shift towards the bottom right as the values go up, and towards the top left as it goes down to the negative.
Without the parameter set, the default shift is 2. However, all of this requires the shadow parameter to be there as well.

The shadow amount was changed on the 4th of March. Previously, it was just a black version of the text that shifted diagonally, but now it blurs out. The higher the value entered for shadow_amount, the more blurred the shadow will look.
  • shadow_amount: Amount to blur the shadow by. Probably no unit.
FoxInFlame's Embed with default4 Background Image, and shadow amount of 5.

Combining Parameters

If you want to combine parameters, all you need is an URL request like the following:

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